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P&ID: What is it?

First time I heard about P&ID in my work place, my mind spontaneously thought about Proportional, Integral, and Derivative approach that I have learned before when I was in college. But, I was totally wrong, P&ID here is stand for Piping and Instrumentation Diagram. Other names for P&ID’s or sometimes clients or other contractors may … Continue reading

Flame Detector

Flame detector merupakan sebuah alat pendeteksi api yang menggunakan sensor optic untuk mendeteksinya. Di sini ditegaskan bahwa flame detector digunakan untuk mendeteksi keberadaan api, bukan panas. Prinsip kerja flame detector adalah dimulai dari bahwa api akan bisa dideteksi oleh keberadaan spectrum cahaya infra red maupun ultraviolet, dan dari situ semacam microprocessor dalam flame detector akan … Continue reading

Working with SPI/INtools part I: Creating Instruments and Control Loops

SmartPlant® Instrumentation – the industry-leading instrumentation solution – helps you prevent failure by better managing and storing the history of your instrumentation and control system as well as prevent unscheduled shutdowns by better planning maintenance. This solution also assists in planning plant expansions or control system modernizations. SmartPlant Instrumentation, powered by INtools®, provides a single … Continue reading

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